Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Hey, I'm not really a movie critic, so this is just what I personally think of the film.


#BenefitLovesBretman: Bretman Rock's Meet and Greet at Benefit SM Megamall

Early this month, online celebrity Bretman Rock (famous for his funny videos and makeup tutorials in YouTube, Vine, and Instagram) went home here in the country to do some guesting at ABSCBN. I've always literally LOL-ed at his Instagram posts since last year and when a friend sent me a screenshot of Bretman's tweet about his Meet and Greet at Benefit SM Megamall, I knew I had to go.


Watching Watches

I must say I am not 100% a fan of watches before. But when I worked for a real estate company last year, I got familiar with watches and how they can be subtle status symbols. As a common belief in the office, one can wear the simplest clothes and even flip flops, but if he sports a Rolex, he must be rich. Yes, that's one of the ways to spot a premier client.


Relaxing at Home

On the latter half of last year, I finally had the balls to decide to live on my own. I turned 28 last month, and, being in my late twenties, I think it's best for me to have my own place. I've been living away from home for almost five months now, renting an apartment in Makati, and I am enjoying the freedom and how liberating the experience is.


Dapper Review: Toni & Guy Deep Clean Shampoo for Men

Due to the Philippines' tropical climate, daily bathing is a necessity. And one of the steps I NEVER skip is shampooing. While some people shampoo their hair a couple to three times a week only, I feel uneasy when I do so, that's why I shampoo every day. Also, I have very sensitive scalp (very prone to drying) that I am constantly in search of a new shampoo.

Enter Toni and Guy. They sent us products for sampling (for my sampling business) a few months ago and I immediately tried out the product they sent. So, let's review this nice guy: