Fitness First giveaway winner

Congratulations to Bennett Michelle Estranero for winning a free one-month membership from Fitness First! :)


Merry Christmas!

Just want to greet you guys a happy Christmas! :)

Today was all about spending time with the family: good food, movie with my sisters, and some quality time with our dogs Pipai, Cornelia, and Samantha (the one here in the picture)--things I usually don't have enough time for during work weeks. :)


The morning after

On my last post, I told you about our stay at the Ascott Hotel in Ayala. It was a really nice stay--nice view, nice room, nice service, and nice bath line. I love the herbal body wash. :) Anywho, here's what I wore to work the day after. I kept it simple, decided to lose the tie and dress shirt, because I had to bring this set to work the day before. Just to minimize the hassle of carrying too much stuff.


Night at Ascott

As what I probably have told you last month, I have a new job--different from the one I had last July. This one's in marketing, and I'm really happy with the nature of the job. I get to meet lots of great people. It's like my job is to make friends with top executives from different companies. How cool is that? :)


Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale

As promised, I am now blogging about the next Converse Factory Sale (the first that I blogged about was last September). Apparently, Converse is having two sales this holiday season. One at SM Megamall starting tomorrow until December 18, and another at their Marikina warehouse. The latter already started last December 10, but it will carry on until the 23rd. Perfect for you guys who always fail to beat the holiday shopping rush. :)

Hello Siri!

I have long been wanting to own an iPhone and was actually planning to buy just the iPhone 4 due to the current price of the new 4S. However, when I went to the mall on December 4 to finally buy one (after weighing all the pros and cons of buying an iPhone), I was informed that the iPhone 4 has been phased out already. So I had no choice--I bought myself an iPhone 4S. And I'm definitely NOT complaining! :)


First birthday month giveaway: Fitness First

For a while now, I've been telling you that I've been cooking up some "thingies" for my blog. December is my birthday month, and since I want to celebrate my birthday with you guys, I've decided to give you, my dear readers, some birthday treats (READ: giveaways). And here is the first one!


Then comes December

I am so excited because December is finally here! A lot of reasons to be excited--holiday season is finally here, Christmas bonus at work (lol), and my birthday. :) November was a really busy month for me, which became apparent because of my lack of post. Anyway, I am TRYING to be more responsible at blogging starting this month, and I am so stoked! As what I've told you on Twitter, I am currently working on "blog thingies" for my birthday month--I've actually closed one deal and am still working on others. I will talk to you about this one deal tomorrow. I know you all will be happy about it! :)


New in my closet

Hi everyone! Long time, no post. I've been really busy with work--happy busy. :) Speaking of work, since we are required to wear business clothes here at my new job, I need to stock up on dress shirts and ties. And being the rule-breaker that I am, I wanted to divert from the usual boring office attire once in a while, so I decided to buy knit ties. I've been looking for these goodies for months now (even when I was still in my last job) to no avail--until now. Yesterday I was at SM Megamall with my relatives to shop and to watch the first part of Breaking Dawn. We went to Forever 21 and look what I found!!! :)


Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 + Giveaway

Bazaars have been really popular these past few years. I've actually joined quite a handful last year because of my online business. Among the ones that I joined was the Global Pinoy Bazaar. It was honestly a fun experience being there with some of the best Filipino brands ever. And I made a lot of friends too! :)


Abenson’s Bayanihan Program in Bulacan

Rain. Floods. Broken electronics.

Regardless of who needs help--relative, friend, neighbor, and even strangers-- Filipinos come together to help their kababayans during times of calamities. So it comes as no surprise that when Bulacan experienced heavy rainfall and floods, Abenson stepped up to help Bulakeños in need.


Oversized Fall

Since the first months of this year, with the bipolar weather that we have here in the Philippines, I have been a tad bit obsessed with sweaters and jackets larger than what I usually wear. I've actually worn some of them during Fridays (casual days) at the office. An oversized sweater/jacket with slim cut jeans/pants/shorts combo is one of my favorite looks this season. I was drawn by how it makes my legs look slimmer.


I go to children's birthday parties for you; you're going to Abu Dhabi for me!

Three years after college, it was kinda expected but still surprising to know that some of my classmates/friends have already started starting a family (pun intended). Two of my college groupmates have already started theirs. With this, it has become inevitable to attend children's birthday parties and the likes--not that I'm complaining! I kinda enjoy them, actually. :) Lately, I was able to attend the first birthday party of my friend Astrid's daughter Solara.


Spoil Your Sole In Rio Carnival with Ipanema (and go to Brazil!)

Be pampered and treated like a VIP. What is your ultimate travel fantasy? Dance all night with samba music, parade with real samba schools, or join thousands of travel enthusiasts in celebrating the world’s biggest carnival in Brazil? You and your friend can have the chance to experience all these with just a pair of Ipanema as your ticket to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!


Goodbye, Steve Jobs!

The man who made life with iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad possible died on October 5, 2011. As I was reading some articles about him here in the internet, I came across one from BBC News. It listed some of Steve Jobs' famous quotes. For me, one quote stood out.


My cousin's wedding

Last September 16, I attended my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful celebration filled with smiles and tears (of joy, of course!)--the day was full of emotion. I wouldn't be posting photos of the newly-weds here, except for one, because I think those photos should be kept private and be released in public only with their consent. Anywho, for the event, I decided to wear head-to-ankle MEMO.


First-time ninong outfit

Haloo everyone! I've been talking about my experience on being a first timer in the godfather department for quite some time now. Here's what I wore to the event.


New month, new domain

Hello October! I can't believe you're here already. We are now down to the last three months of the year--time really runs fast! Well, as many of you have probably noticed, I already changed my domain name (from meesterdapper.blogspot.com to pauldapper.com). I kinda realized I need my name on my blog's domain, hence the change. Anywho, for those of you who are wondering, meesterdapper.blogspot.com will still direct you to this blog. So no worries. You can leave the links on your blog (the ones that direct to mine) as they are. :)


Crystals and Stones Philippines First Anniversary Sale!

Who doesn't love sales? No one! :) Ergo, I know that all of you will be delighted to hear this: Crystals and Stones Philippines has just turned a year old this month, and to celebrate with us, they are currently putting their best-sellers ON SALE until October 8! A word to my guy readers: you may not enjoy this but your girl, mom, or sisters definitely would!


Hannah Micah's Dedication: the photos

Two days ago, I talked to you about my very first godchild (goddaughter). Here are the photos from my cute and cuddly goddaughter's dedication. Welcome to the Christian world, Hannah Micah! :)


Converse Supersale

At least once in his life, a person has owned a pair of the world-famous Chuck Taylors. This Converse twosome has become really popular all over the world since its release almost a century ago (circa 1917). As for me, I love my Chuck Taylor babies (and my Jack Purcell pair!). So, I would like you to know that Converse will again be having its factory SUPERSALE this month! Yay!


SuperSale Bazaar 2011: Day 3

Last month, on one of my very few blog posts, I talked to you about the SuperSale Bazaar held at the Rockwell Tent last July 15 to 17. It was a three-day bazaar, and I was tasked to man our booth on the second day of the event (but I wasn't able to take photos that day). So on the third day, the last day of the bazaar, we (my friends/business partners and I) made sure to take pictures! And here are some of them:


My FIRST godchild!

Last August 27, I attended the dedication of my very first godchild, Hannah Micah. She's the second-born of two of my very good friends from SRG. The moment Ma'am Joyce, Micah's mother and a really close friend of mine, asked me to be one of the godparents of their unica hija, I said yes right away. It was a pleasure, actually.


On my blog hiatus

August (which many of my friends fondly call Oh-Ghost) has been a super busy month for me, as manifested by my almost-complete lack of blog entries that month. Still, I would NEVER complain about being busy. It's always better to do so many things than to do absolutely nothing. Being busy should never be viewed as a problem; rather, it should be perceived as a shower of blessings.


Out with the old, in with the new!

August is already packing its bags, ready to leave in a few hours. You've been so nice to me, August. I've been really busy, but I'm not complaining here. You've given me soooo many things to work on that I've rarely blogged while you were around. But then, everything has been really great, so, yeah, it's been a pleasure, August! See you again next year! :) September, on the other hand, is already at our doorsteps, waiting for the next few hours to pass before knocking on our front doors, ready to enter our lives. September, I'm always saying this to every month and I'll make no exception, please be good to me. :)


SuperSale Bazaar 2011: Day 1

Last month, my friends and I joined the SuperSale bazaar at the Rockwell Tent. It was my first week at work (yes, I've a new job), so I wasn't able to man our booth on the first day of the bazaar, Friday. I just went straight to the Rockwell Tent right after work. I stayed in our booth for a few minutes, then took off to see the other booths. Sadly, there weren't too many stores that sold stuff for guys, so I wasn't able to buy anything. But it's fine. Whatever. After that, we had dinner at Dulcinea in the nearby Powerplant Mall.


ANTM All-Stars: First Promotional Photos

The much-anticipated ANTM All-Stars, which features finalists (not winners) from previous cycles, is set to premiere this fall. To amp up the excitement (and to attract more future viewers), people behind the reality show we all love released the first batch of promotional photos of the very first ANTM All-Stars.


Your last chance to own a pair of Fickle Wedges

Go Fickle Manila is currently having a Phasing-out Sale for their Fickle Wedges. Needless to say, these cute wedges will be gone after the sale (or after stocks run out!).


Curiosity Got The Chef Press Launch: Preview

Earlier today, I went to the Diamond Hotel Manila with my best friend Kenneth to attend the press launch of Lifestyle Network's newest show on their food block, Curiosity Got The Chef. This cooking show features our very own Chef Sharwin Tee.


Cafe Lidia

Last month, I talked to you about how we celebrated this year's Father's Day at Cafe Lidia. Cafe Lidia is a local restaurant here in Marikina. Actually, you can find A LOT of restaurants/cafes here in our city, all of which offer a wide variety of great tasting food. Whew, I just finished eating dinner and I'm getting hungry again! Lol


Tag: 17 Questions

I've been a huge fan of Ingrid (Missglamorazzi and TheGridMonster on Youtube) for a while now. I know that the videos on her beauty channel are all about make-up and stuff, but I really like watching her. She's really cute! :) I particularly love her vlog channel TheGridMonster because it is where she posts videos about her personal life and any other random stuff about her. My favorite videos from her vlog are the "Tag" ones, wherein she answers a certain set of questions, then tags her viewers to do the same. And so, since I don't have a Youtube account, I would answer THE questions here on my blog. Here goes...


SRG Grand Day: What I Wore

This is what I wore to the grand day of the Sultan Review Group, the review center where I work. They practically have been my family because I've been working there since the year I graduated from college.


Comfy Espadrilles

Hey guys! On my last posts, I talked to you about the shoot that we had last July 10 for our shop The Shoe Anatomy's SuperSale Bazaar ad campaign. We also did some product shots for our latest collection: Comfy Espadrilles.


SuperSale Shoot: What I Wore

I know, I know. I'm absolutely unbelievable! I haven't blogged for 9 days! These recent two weeks have been making me extremely busy, that's why. Well, enough blabbing, I'm here again. And this time, HOPEFULLY I get to blog on a daily basis again. Here's hoping! :)


SuperSale Shoot

Last Sunday, my friends/business partners had a shoot for our shoe brand The Shoe Anatomy's SuperSale bazaar ad campaign. It was a looooong and tiring day. But 'twas worth it, definitely worth it.


It all ends. 7/14

I practically grew up with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. I was on my first year in high school (8th grade) when I watched the first Harry Potter film. That was the day I was introduced to the Magical World. It was then that I learned that I, actually, am a Muggle. It was also then that I started to be fascinated with the wizarding world. Well, until college, heck until now, I am still fascinated by it. Anyhooo, the epic film series is destined to end on July 15 (July 14 here in the Philippines), and I'm definitely going to watch it on IMAX. It's definitely on my "To Watch on IMAX" list. Here's the latest trailer which was released two weeks ago. (I can't believe it'll be showing in a week!) I honestly felt nostalgic after watching this trailer. *sigh*


Arte Manila

Hand-made clay accessories have been such a huge trend right now. And, quite honestly, I think that these cute little things are here to stay. I previously talked to you about Klay Girl. Right now, let me introduce you to Arte Manila--one of the newest and classiest clay accessories store here in the country.


June Favorites

June flew by really fast! It was a busy month for me, and I'm definitely not complaining! :) Another month has passed, and that only means one thing: another Monthly Favorites post!


Errands day today!

I'm absolutely determined to start the second half of the year right! So, I would be writing two posts today. (This is actually my second one for today.) I'm gonna try my best to post at least everyday. :) Anyway! As what I said this afternoon, it's errands day today. I went to Marikina to meet up with a friend then headed to my bag maker to check on the production of my new designs, which, hopefully, would be launched tomorrow night. I am also planning to revive my menswear line, and am planning to have bags as my first (comeback) collection. :)

July, please be good to me!

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. Time flies by really fast! Well, I can honestly say that the first half of year 2011 went really well for me, bordering on great, actually! Pwera usog! :) So, for my first blog entry this month, I'm saying this again: JULY, PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME! :)


One Down, NEXT!

One of the best days so far. It's 10pm, and I just got home from the SRG Grand Day. It was really really fun! It was extremely tiring, but it was worth it! Our students will be taking the local nursing board examination this weekend, and this mini-concert/show is definitely for them. :) I'm honestly sooooo sleepy right now, so I'll just be blogging more about this wonderful event on the following days. Anyway, you may be wondering why "One Down, NEXT!" is the title of this post. Well, I've recently used up all the glutathione from the first bottle that I bought from Power and Beauty, and I just got my second bottle today! Yay! :)


One Step at a Time

Seeing this photo made me realize the obvious: three years have already passed since my college graduation. And I decided to look at where I am right now. If I'm currently where I thought I would be when I was in college. If I'm actually heading to where I ultimately want to be in the future. I decided to evaluate if those three years, that time period made absolute sense.


Browns and Silvers

Today was a very busy (and tiring!) day for me. We attended the mass and The Feast at the PICC Plenary Hall this morning, had lunch (and did some outfit shots) at the Araneta Center, then went vintage store hopping--well, we just visited two--in Katipunan and Marikina. Bought some really great finds! Will show them to you on another post. ;)


Rainy Day Sunday

This whole week has been all rain, rain, rain. Hope all of you are safe (and dry. Haha!). Anyway, here's what I wore last Sunday when we attended The Feast by Bo Sanchez.


Grayscale Biker

I saw this biker-ish jacket from People are People almost two years ago, and instantly fell in love with it. However, I wasn't able to buy it that day, and it was Christmas season then, so I just had it as my wish on my former office's Gift Exchange (no, not the White Elephant one.). :)


Father's Day at Cafe Lidia

It was Father's Day last Sunday, but we celebrated it on Monday since it was a non-working holiday and my sisters didn't have classes. We had some late afternoon snack (more like early dinner) at this local restaurant here in Marikina called Cafe Lidia. The food was extremely good! I ordered their Mixed Seafood Marinara, and boy was I in love! Lol :)


Sole Service

September of last year, I forced asked my classmates at Graduate School to go with me to the Megatent because I wanted to buy shoes from this online brand called Sole Service. Upon seeing their booth, I tried the boat shoes in navy right away. Perfect fit. Super comfy. Nice.


MEMO PFWH 2011 Show: What I Wore

In two recent posts, I talked to you about the show for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 of one of my favorite brands, MEMO. Since MEMO has been one of my go-to brands every time I need something for an event (or when I just feel like shopping), I practically freaked out (seriously) due to excitement when I found out that they're giving away invites for their show! :)

Go Fickle Manila Inventory Sale

Go Fickle Manila will be having its inventory sale starting tomorrow until Friday (June 22-25). All items discounted! 50% OFF! Great eh? :)


New Look at Lookbook

Hey guys! Was busy for the last couple days so I wasn't able to blog. Boo! Haha! :) Anyway, this post is about my Lookbook looks. I've already joined the site last April, but it was a couple weeks ago when I uploaded my first look. And tonight, I uploaded another one. :)


MEMO Urban Chronicles

“These streets will make you feel brand new; big lights will inspire you…”

The MEMO Urban Chronicles show for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last month was entirely about the ultimate dream city--New York. From the design to the song selection to the videos shown during the show, the coherence of MEMO's show did not fail to make the audience experience The City that Never Sleeps that night.


Photography Attempt: Advanced Christmas Bazaar 2010

I was browsing through my files on my laptop when I came across these photos. These were taken last November at the World Trade Center during a bazaar. Of course, I was the one who took the photos--my camera was new then, and you know how it is--we love using things when they are new. Haha! :) Anyhooo, I just thought I'd show you these pictures. :)