Go Fickle Manila

Go Fickle Manila is a Philippines-based brand that sells women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories. The ultimate goal of the brand is to provide stylish pieces (footwear, bags, and clothing) that can be worn in different ways. Go Fickle Manila is all about being CLASSY AND PRACTICAL at the same time. Most of their products are convertible items, hence the name Go Fickle.


Finally, I gave in!

That's it. I finally gave in. I have been considering to start up my own blog for almost a year already. The thought has been like a little pesky fly continuously hovering at the back of my mind. Always bugging me. And now, finally, I gave in.


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If you are interested in putting an ad here on my blog, having your brand/product featured here, and/or inviting me to your event, you can email me at paul@pauldapper.com :)


Hey guys! My name's Paul. And Paul Dapper is my alter ego.

I'm an entrepreneur in his mid-twenties who founded one of the country's promising web startups. That's where I devote most of my time and effort - my goal is to make it an international success within five years of operations. Keeping my fingers crossed!

On the side, I am a graduate school student and am currently working on my thesis. Yikes! I also do graphics and creatives projects to companies freelance - I love designing stuff.

I'm a MAJOR foodie, and I love love fashion more than an average guy does, though I prefer a minimalist approach on style - classic staples over trendy ones.

My blog has been around for quite some time now; I started this on March 2011. In this blog, I talk about fashion, grooming, travel, food, and many other random stuff. 

Feel free to browse through my entries. And follow me. ;)