Finally, I gave in!

That's it. I finally gave in. I have been considering to start up my own blog for almost a year already. The thought has been like a little pesky fly continuously hovering at the back of my mind. Always bugging me. And now, finally, I gave in.

Truth is, I've already blogged before. Back at the time when Friendster was the coolest thing on the internet. Well, things change and so do internet fads. Actually, I think it's been almost a year since I last visited my Friendster account. Hmmm. Mental note: log in to Friendster account later.

By the way, my name's Paul. And I'm on my early twenties. I'm a graduate school student and am currently working on my thesis. Yikes! I'm a MAJOR foodie, and I love love fashion more than an average guy does. So expect that future entries will greatly be about food and fashion. Haha! I also love watching movies and reading books--from suspense thrillers to chick lit novels to documentaries. So expect some reviews as well about movies and novels, both old and new.

And as my first blog entry, I would like to welcome you to my blog! Here, as what I've just said, I will be talking about almost anything under the sun--from fashion to travelling to food (YUMM!) to everything that pops into my mind to life in general. So, yeah, I guess this officially jump starts my blogging life! :)

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  1. Cool for you! I re-started my blog just this year too. :)