Good Friday 2011

Hey guys! Holy Week is already over, and we are now back to reality--people return to their jobs, students resume their summer classes. As for me, well, I'm (still) waiting for the content validation of the tools that I will be using on my thesis. Whatever happened to them, NDCC?

Anyhoo, I just would like to share to you some of the photos that I took last Friday, when my family and I watched the Procession here in our city. Here they are:

Among the bunch, this is my absolute favorite. Take a look at the close-up photo. Notice the pain on Mama Mary's face? Kudos to the one who sculpted/made these life-sizes! :)

It was actually a bit weird to take this close-up photo. It's as if I'm taking a photo of a supposedly-private moment. The Mama Mary life-size's facial expression was REALLY moving.

I've always found these processions to be quite enthralling. I mean, I know I don't exactly go to church every week, but I do have a very spiritual side of me. So, how was your Holy Week? :)


  1. where is this? the procession looks so orderly. yung sinamahan ko ang gulo e, nagsasayawan lahat, pero masaya!

  2. Marikina City. The procession was really orderly. Also, the poons were breathtaking. Actually, I've seen so many foreigners. My aunt told me, dinadayo daw talaga yung prusisyon dito sa Marikina every Holy Week. :)

  3. looks like its a class of its own. looks very nice. :)

  4. OMG...I absolutely love all your shots it reminds me to where I'm from we have the exact same tradition!! (sigh)


  5. Really? That's great! Where are you from? :)