Klay Girl!

Handmade clay accessories have been a huge trend for years now. And I am also kinda addicted to these accessories. Well, I don't exactly wear charm bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings made out of clay, but I've been buying these pretty little things since Christmas last year--as Christmas presents for my mom, sisters, and relatives.

There's this one clay accessories online store that I frequent. Its name is Klay Girl. Actually, I've been good friends with its owner/designer, Pam Uy, ever since we joined a Rockwell bazaar last November. I've even collaborated with her when we shot the Surreal Summer Lookbook of my women's clothing line Go Fickle Manila.

What I really like about Klay Girl is how detailed and almost-perfect its products are. I've seen one too many online stores (both in Facebook and in Multiply) that sell handmade clay accessories. But, lemme tell you, none has ever beaten Pam Uy in the intricacy of her designs.

Still not convinced? Let me show you some of her teenee-tiny masterpieces. :)

 I simply adore these Starbucks Frappuccino pendants. :)

 Love these nurses earrings, especially the blonde one! :)

And, yes, I'm the one who took these photos. Lol :)

To view more of her creations, you can check out her Facebook fan page and Multiply account. You can also follow her on Twitter! :)

P.S. Follow me on Twitter as well! @pauldapper Haha!:)


  1. The accessories are very cute and beautiful.


  2. Yes, Lucca. You can order through Klay Girl's Facebook account. They ship worldwide. :)

  3. I want the Starbucks-travel-mug..looking gorgeous!

  4. I love the accessories and so girly!! LOVE THEM. Thx for sharing


  5. Thanks! You can check out her creations and order through Klay Girl's Facebook page. She has lots of new designs! :)