March Favorites

March had just wrapped up yesterday, and it turned out quite good for me compared to the roller coaster month that February had been. So, as a closing entry for the previous month, I will walk you through my random favorite stuffs for March.

First off is a new discovery--the Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream from The Body Shop. It's not actually new in the market, but I've just discovered it. :) I bought this just a couple weeks ago when I was waiting for my sister at the mall and had nothing to do for two hours. Yeah, you read that right! I waited for her for two hours! Haha! I could have gotten a couple facial treatments actually, given that loooooong waiting time. But, I needn't since I've just gone to Flawless a few days ago. There came a point when I literally dragged my feet while walking around the mall because I walked for so long, they hurt already. So anyway, I went to The Body Shop to see what products I could buy from them. I know TBS has been really famous for their body scrubs so I considered buying one, but when I saw this hand cream (which was displayed among the For Men line, so I thought it was actually made for men, but turned out to be unisex), I tried a pea-size of it on, and bought it right away. What made me do so was the fact that this cream never left the greasy feel that I ABSOLUTELY hate in skin products. I dunno, but the greasy feel makes me feel uneasy and unrelaxed and makes my face sweat profusely. Anyway, I've been obviously using this for quite some time now, and I love the smoothness this hand cream gives my hands. The smell is not unpleasant, but not really really manly. But still, it could pass. :) Another plus for the intention with which this hand cream goes. When you buy this cream, a fraction of your money will go to ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) which is a leading children's rights organization in the UK. Ergo, buying this hand cream will not only give you soft hands, but could also mean that you have a kind heart as well. :)

Next in line is also a new discovery. The Giga All Natural and Herbal Eye Cream. It has virgin coconut oil, shea butter (which helps prevent blemishes and wrinkles), cucumber extracts, and vitamin E. It has a very light virgin coconut oil scent that's just right. Another thing that it does is to prevent dark circles under your eyes from appearing, which it really does! Also, I don't know if it's just me but, once applied, this cream makes my eyes relaxed to the point of being heavy. For me, that is a plus because relaxing the eyes makes me fall asleep faster, not that I have a problem with sleeping. It may also be a miss, if you apply this eye cream at daytime because you may feel sleepy when, in fact, you should be wide-awake. So I just use this before going to bed. :)

Third. Just so you know, I go to Flawless to have my regular facial cleaning. So Flawless has been like my personal skin care clinic. Haha! Last time I went there, the staff who attended me suggested I use their lightening products and sunblock, as, according to her, the main problem of my face is not oiliness, but darkness. Yes, I admit, I never use sunblock because, well, I just don't want to. Haha! And also because most, if not all, sunblocks have this greasy feel that I absolutely loathe. But then, she showed me their Skin Protect Gel which is basically a sunblock but in the gel form. So this one should not leave that sticky feel. Since it's rather affordable, I bought one. When I tried it on the next day, I felt blessed to have found this amazing product. :) It really doesn't have that sticky feel. It's like putting water in your face. And it works really well too. This is actually perfect for everyone. Well, it has been a HUGE misconception that one can opt to not use sunblock if he is indoors all the time (i.e. working in his office cubicle the entire day). But actually, one can still be exposed to rays that can potentially harm the skin, like the heat rays emitted by computer monitors. Using this sunblock can protect the skin from those harmful rays. Also, this product is unisex, so girls can enjoy its benefits too! :)

So those are my March Favorites! I could have included some great fashion finds, but I'll just save those for future entries. So there! Let me know what you think about these products if you've already tried them too. :)

*Sorry for the mediocre photos, I don't know what's wrong with my Nikon D3100.


  1. You are such a vain man. lol

  2. nice products!!!!


  3. I love the scent of Soft Hand Kind Heart Hand Cream from The Bodyshop... super like :D

  4. Nice to see Soft Hand Kind ♥ as one of your faves!

    Looking forward for more post from you!


  5. I am going to have to look at Body Shop next when I am in for the hand cream. I wonder if they stock it here in Canada?

  6. Thanks guys!

    Hey David! I think the Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream is available there in Canada. :)