ANTM All-Stars Contestants Revealed

Last month, I talked to you about the All-Stars Edition of ANTM. Well, it seems that I was kinda left out (lol) since they've already announced the contestants a few weeks ago. Honestly, I'm a bit sad and disappointed because my all-time favorite Kahlen Rondot wasn't chosen. Anyhooo, I am still glad because I successfully guessed some of the returning models/contestants. Think I have ESP. Haha! Just kidding. :) Read on for the complete list of the 14 hopefuls, albeit second-timers. :)

Summer Solstice Bazaar

The Megatent will house this year's Summer Solstice Bazaar on Friday to Sunday, June 3-5. It is actually the second year of Summer Solstice after its very successful run last year at the Rockwell Tent. I think this'll be the perfect end-of-summer shopping getaway because over 150 fashion brands and food stores will be there! Also, Big Elephant Creatives (the one who organizes this), along with its partners and sponsors, will be giving away over Php100,000 worth of freebies. So how's that? :)


Chuck Bass to Visit the Philippines

Ed Westwick, popularly known as Chuck Bass from the hit CW series Gossip Girl, will be visiting the country later this week (June 2-4) (May 31-June 2). He will fly to Manila for his latest endorsement for, wait for it, Penshoppe. Yes, the more-fashion-forward Penshoppe now has "Charles Bass" as their newest and most popular endorser. Well, they had Mandy Moore back in 2002. I almost forgot that. ANYWAY! Kudos to Penshoppe for the great choice!


Power and Beauty

They say skin is the best accessory. That's why glutathione has become a nationwide (or worldwide) sensation for years now. I used to be kinda dark-skinned; and, well, I opted for taking oral glutathione--to no avail. Maybe the products I used were ineffective? Or maybe it's just me? Haha.


Bloggers United!

I've been blogging for almost two months now. And, quite honestly, I've only met just a few bloggers. So I think that this event will be a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know my online fellows. Bloggers United is a bazaar organized by fashion and beauty bloggers Ana Gonzales et al. Basically, this bazaar was put up in order for all of us to socialize with each other. And since the participating bloggers write about fashion and style, there's definitely a plus--we also get to shop some fabulous items from our favorite bloggers' closets! :)


Tie-Ups: Cute and Fun Belts from Italy

Hello everyone! It's been, I don't know, four or five days since my last blog post. Been real busy with work. (Of course, I am NOT complaining!) This coming week will be a little less busy, so HOPEFULLY I'll be blogging again on a daily basis. ANYWAY! On my first blog entry in four (or five) days, I would like to introduce you guys, my lovely readers, to Tie-ups. Tie-ups is an Italy-based accessories brand that sells the FIRST-EVER belts made from 100% fine and recyclable plastics--very innovative. As you will see in the pictures below, their belts have the cutest and hippest designs!



This is a rather short post. Congratulations to Meann Espiritu for winning a set of bikini from Go Fickle Manila's latest collection: Escape. Yes Meann, we dream of going to Necker Island in the Caribbean too! Really breathtaking! :)

April Favorites

I know this post is 17 days too late. As you have already known, I've been the busy bee last week--events, PFW, promotions, styling gigs, work. And I'm NEVER going to complain. Busy week = more blessings. That's how it is, right? :)


ESCAPE by Go Fickle

Summer isn't officially over until the rainy season arrives. So for all the girls out there who love the beach, Go Fickle Manila offers its latest collection: ESCAPE. Escape by Go Fickle is a collection of convertible swimwear for girls. These sexy bikinis come in ten (10) colors: black, red, brown, violet, fuchsia, blue, white, turquoise, canary yellow, and leopard.


My Dream Destinations On My Feet

Last Wednesday, I covered the Make Your Own Havaianas event at the Rockwell Tent. As promised, here are the photos of my very own (personalized) pair! :)


New Online Purchases

At long last! Blogger is up and running again. Thank goodness! I honestly got frustrated when the system was down yesterday--I have so many things to talk about. ANYWAY! Blogger is already back, so let's move on. Well, I've recently purchased some nice little things from a local accessories shop here in Manila and from an online shop on Facebook. Here's my most recent purchases.

Winner of my First Mensiversary Giveaway--FINALLY!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for the (super) late announcement of the winner of my first blog giveaway contest. Will save you from all the ramblings and just go ahead with the announcement.


Make Your Own Havaianas 2011

Havaianas has been a worldwide favorite when it comes to flip-flops. And because these slippers sell like pancakes, imitations sprang all over the world. In fact, there are times when one can never distinguish the original from the fake. That's why it was a great relief for me when I learned that Havaianas will be having a Make Your Own Havaianas event this year. Already on its sixth year, the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event will let us have a pair that we can completely personalize!


Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Day 1

Hey guys! This week is, hands-down, a busy week for me. What with all the fun events happening--Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011, Make Your Own Havaianas at the Rockwell Tent, styling gigs (both personal and for shoots). But don't get me wrong! I'm definitely NOT complaining. I can get used to this, actually! Haha! :)

Was able to take a peek at the "10" Show yesterday. :)


Make Your Own Havaianas!

This year, Havaianas will bring its fans and travel enthusiasts closer to our dream cities--Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Milan. 


SM City Masinag: Through a Major Foodie's Eyes

The first SM Mall that opened this year, 2011, SM City Masinag started operations yesterday. On my last post, I showed you the clothing stores (and the crowd!) that I saw. On this one, as promised, I will be showing you the fast food chains and restaurants that house inside SM Masinag.


SM City Masinag Opens Today!

I visited the newly-opened SM City Masinag this morning. No, not to shop, but to see what new stores will SM be offering us consumers here in the East. I was frankly shocked when I saw how much people were excited (like me) to check out the newest mall here in Antipolo.


Body Kitchen Creamy Apricot Scrub

One fine evening last month, I was browsing through Facebook when I came across a promo ad from an online shop named Body Kitchen. They're having their Crazy P99 Anniversary Sale--P99 (approx. $2.00 USD) on selected products. Cool, right? :) Well, being the sale addict that I am, I viewed their Anniversary Sale album and found myself ordering this Creamy Apricot Scrub in Mandarin Orange with Lemongrass.


New Purchases: Forever 21 Mega Sale

Hey guys! Do you still remember the Forever 21 Mega Sale that I talked to you about last week? I went there last Saturday with my best friend Kenneth, and we hauled! Hahaha! Well, not exactly hauled since I was just able to buy two items. Yes, two ONLY. I know, pathetic right?


Meester Dapper First Mensiversary Giveaway!

Hey guys! I can't believe that I've been blogging for more than a month already! (I started this blog on March 29.) Time flies by really fast! Frankly, when I clicked the "Publish Post" button for my first blog entry here which was entitled Finally, I Gave In!, I never thought that I'd be maintaining this blog like I do now. I mean, I never thought I'd be posting this often! Well, I admit that I never post on a daily basis--busy schedule. :) Anyway, I want to thank you guys, my readers/followers, for making the first month of my "blogging career" (lol) really awesome! Keep on supporting my blog, guys! :)