ANTM All-Stars Contestants Revealed

Last month, I talked to you about the All-Stars Edition of ANTM. Well, it seems that I was kinda left out (lol) since they've already announced the contestants a few weeks ago. Honestly, I'm a bit sad and disappointed because my all-time favorite Kahlen Rondot wasn't chosen. Anyhooo, I am still glad because I successfully guessed some of the returning models/contestants. Think I have ESP. Haha! Just kidding. :) Read on for the complete list of the 14 hopefuls, albeit second-timers. :)

Here they are:

Shannon Stewart of Cycle 1.

Camille McDonald of Cycle 2.

Brittany Brower of Cycle 4. These pictures still remain to be two of my all-time favorites.

Lisa D'Amato of Cycle 5. I just saw her on Lifestyle Network's Tacky House last week. Lol

Bre Scullark of Cycle 5. Ugh. That's all I can say.

Bianca Golden of Cycle 9.

Dominique Reighard of Cycle 10. No Jade Cole. But hello Dominique! :\

Isis King (the first transgender model in ANTM history, and now post-op) of Cycle 10.

Sheena Sakai of Cycle 11. Glad they included an Asian! :)

Allison Harvard of Cycle 12.

Laura Kirkpatrick of Cycle 13.

Angelea Preston of Cycle 14.

Kayla Ferrell of Cycle 15.

Alexandria Everett of Cycle 16. She looks like supermodel Candice Swanepoel here. :)

I was able to guess Brittany Brower, Lisa D'Amato, and Isis King. Haha! And no, Melrose Bickerstaff (my favorite as well) of Cycle 7 and Jade of Cycle 5 will not be returning. The latter declined, posting her reason/s on her Twitter account.

Bitter b*tch? Or maybe she just knows better? We'll see...

Among the bunch, my favorites are Brittany of Cycle 4 (my favorite season aside from Cycle 7) Kayla, and Allison.

So, what do you think about the cast? Do you agree with Tyra and her team? Who do you think will win? Comment away! :)


  1. hmmmm...I do and don't agree with Tyra with her picks and completely dissapointed too that Kahlen Rondot didn't make the cut...she's wonderful.

    And Camille again..come on Tyra...really???


  2. Yeah. Kahlen rocked Cycle 4--I was really disappointed.

  3. hahahaha wala sa emil! sayang