April Favorites

I know this post is 17 days too late. As you have already known, I've been the busy bee last week--events, PFW, promotions, styling gigs, work. And I'm NEVER going to complain. Busy week = more blessings. That's how it is, right? :)

Moving on to my April Favorites. First off is a really great discovery. The Pillsbury Scented Candles. I was strolling in a mall department store, and found these nice candles. They come in several scents (or flavors? LOL) like strawberry, vanilla, apple, raspberry, and chocolate, but I bought cinnamon--my favorite. I've used pretty much all of it already, as you can see. Mental note: buy another one. :)

Next one is my Creamy Apricot Scrub from The Body Kitchen which I already blogged before. :)

Lastly, I've been recently in love with wrap bracelets. Bought this one last April from FH/Folded and Hung, and I love wearing it. :)

So, yeah, those are my April Favorites. Have you tried one of these before? :)

*Photo of Pillsbury scented candles courtesy of Ebay.

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