Chuck Bass to Visit the Philippines

Ed Westwick, popularly known as Chuck Bass from the hit CW series Gossip Girl, will be visiting the country later this week (June 2-4) (May 31-June 2). He will fly to Manila for his latest endorsement for, wait for it, Penshoppe. Yes, the more-fashion-forward Penshoppe now has "Charles Bass" as their newest and most popular endorser. Well, they had Mandy Moore back in 2002. I almost forgot that. ANYWAY! Kudos to Penshoppe for the great choice!

Westwick will be headlining Penshoppe's 2011-12 campaign. These ad campaigns (Pre-Holiday 2011 and Summer 2012) will be shot by Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste. The shoot is in cooperation with PR Asia Worldwide, an international publicity firm. Guess Penshoppe is now really serious in making it to the international retail scene, huh?

Ed Westwick isn't actually a newbie in endorsing Asian brands. In June 2009, he and Leighton Meester, who plays scheming Blair Waldorf on GG, were named the new faces for ASK Enquired, a Korean clothing line. Wouldn't it be great if Leighton will endorse a local brand as well? :)

Their ASK Enquired F/W 2009 ad campaign, I might add, still looks like ads from Gossip Girl; nonetheless, it's absolutely adorable!

Just check my blog from time to time for updates on Ed's latest Penshoppe endorsement!

ASK Enquired F/W 2009 ad campaign photos courtesy of Twenty2.

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