New Online Purchases

At long last! Blogger is up and running again. Thank goodness! I honestly got frustrated when the system was down yesterday--I have so many things to talk about. ANYWAY! Blogger is already back, so let's move on. Well, I've recently purchased some nice little things from a local accessories shop here in Manila and from an online shop on Facebook. Here's my most recent purchases.

I've seen so many bloggers wearing connector rings. And, to be perfectly honest, I am both fascinated and intrigued by these accessories, so when my friend Jellyn and I went to a well-known local accessories store here in Manila, I decided to buy one. I bought a cobra-shaped connector ring, and I love wearing it. Definitely a conversation-starter. :)

(It's not exactly an online purchase, but it's still a new one. Lol)

Last Monday, I bought a belt bag and a bracelet from this really nice online shop (with a really nice owner!) Impulse Co. :) I used the bracelet when I watched Memo's show for PFW last Wednesday. (Outfit photos soon!) :)

The belt bag, on the other hand, is made of genuine leather and costs P700 (approx. $16 USD) only! :)

Nice, eh? What do you think guys? :)

P.S.: Only two more days left on this year's Make Your Own Havaianas event (tomorrow and Monday), so be sure to visit them at the Rockwell Tent, 10am to 8pm, and grab your own pair! :)


  1. I love the bag! Blogger being down was so annoying!

  2. Thanks, David! Yeah, I was really annoyed as well! :\

  3. Why is there only free items for girls here? :(

  4. Hey Eric! I'll be coming up with a giveaway contest for my guy followers/readers. Just follow me here and on Twitter, so you'd be one of the first people to know. :)