New Purchases: Forever 21 Mega Sale

Hey guys! Do you still remember the Forever 21 Mega Sale that I talked to you about last week? I went there last Saturday with my best friend Kenneth, and we hauled! Hahaha! Well, not exactly hauled since I was just able to buy two items. Yes, two ONLY. I know, pathetic right?

Thing is, I wanted to buy two pairs of jeans and a longsleeved shirt from 21 Men, but apparently, there's no size for me. Guess my size got sold out last Friday huh. Snap.

Anyway, I was able to buy something--thank God! I bought a plain gray tee, a color that I really love. I also bought a pair of aviators! Yay! I'm loving sunnies recently. I dunno, maybe it's because of the intense summer heat and sun. :) I will definitely visit the new SM Makati shop soon to see if they've sizes for me. Lol :)

So, these were my new purchases from Forever 21's Mega Sale last weekend. Were you able to drop by? What did you buy? :)

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