Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Day 1

Hey guys! This week is, hands-down, a busy week for me. What with all the fun events happening--Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011, Make Your Own Havaianas at the Rockwell Tent, styling gigs (both personal and for shoots). But don't get me wrong! I'm definitely NOT complaining. I can get used to this, actually! Haha! :)

Was able to take a peek at the "10" Show yesterday. :)

I'll be attending four shows this Fashion Week--Menswear, Arnold Galang et al, Memo, and Penshoppe--so I'll be frequenting SMX until Sunday. The first three shows that I have invites for just wrapped up last night (Menswear and Arnold Galang et al) and tonight (Memo), and I can say I'm actually really impressed! The Penshoppe show will be on Sunday--making me a BIT free until then, so I'll definitely be blogging more often. Lol :)

ANYWAY! Day 1 of PFWH 2011. I watched the Menswear show and the one of Arnold Galang, Chris Diaz, and Gerry Katigbak. The shows were absolutely great, and inspired me on taking risks with regards to my menswear line (which I am currently designing). I am planning to do a full review on each show, so as not to have a really lengthy blog post.

So there! Were you able to watch some of these shows? What do you think? :)

P.S.: Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'll be announcing the winners by the end of the week, I promise! It's been a real busy week so I don't have the time to choose the winner. Please bear with me, guys! Announcement'll be by the end of this week, PROMISE! :)


  1. Were you able to watch the opening last Sunday? I missed it cos it was a lazy raining Sunday! (too bad for me!)

    I was also supposed to attend Gerry Katigbak, Arnold Galang, and Chris Diaz' show the other night, but a photo shoot ended really late :( (too bad for me again!)

    Now I got other invites for the weekday shows, but it's conflicting with my work schedule! (really really sad!)

    I also received an invite for Penshoppe this Sunday, but I'll be going to the beach this weekend! (I'm not sure if that's still bad :P)

    In short, I will not be able to watch any of the shows for this Fashion Week (which sucks!)... so that means I'll be relying on your updates and pics from photographer friends :)

  2. The shows were fantastic, JP! Hope you'd find time to watch the rest of the shows! :)