Power and Beauty

They say skin is the best accessory. That's why glutathione has become a nationwide (or worldwide) sensation for years now. I used to be kinda dark-skinned; and, well, I opted for taking oral glutathione--to no avail. Maybe the products I used were ineffective? Or maybe it's just me? Haha.

ANYWAY! So I was debating on whether on not to take glutathione through IV (with all the stress of finding a licensed IVT nurse, the trial and error when finding a vein, not to mention the pain that comes with the administration) when I came across Power and Beauty on Facebook. I learned about their sublingual glutathione. No pain (since you'll be taking it sublingually), but has the same effect of IV glutathione. It comes in 100 tablets per bottle, and one can take 1-3 tablets a day. It also comes in orange flavor, so you don't have to worry about the bitter taste that all of us absolutely loathe when we were younger. So I gave it a try, and boy was I amazed! My skin got visibly smoother and lighter in just one week. READ: one week! I've been taking this for three weeks now and I am very VERY satisfied with the results. :)

Whoever said that if there's no pain, there's no gain just hasn't tried sublingual glutathione yet! :)

You can also check out their other products (i.e. IV glutathione and Collagen + Vitamin C) on their Facebook fan page.

Oh! And today is the second mensiversary of my blog! So, yay for me! :)


  1. Wow! I wanna try this! :)

  2. Hey Lexi! You can contact them through the numbers posted on the first photo. :)