SM City Masinag Opens Today!

I visited the newly-opened SM City Masinag this morning. No, not to shop, but to see what new stores will SM be offering us consumers here in the East. I was frankly shocked when I saw how much people were excited (like me) to check out the newest mall here in Antipolo.

This post is actually part one of three blog articles, since I don't want to post a picture-heavy article (as if I haven't done that on previous posts! Lol). ANYWAY! Here are photos of the crowd inside the mall.

Local singers Sitti and Nina had a show this afternoon, hence the stage--and the big crowd.

Here are some of the brands that I saw.

I cannot believe my eyes! SM Masinag has Payless! :)

And Maldita! (I love Maldita Man!)

So there! The next two posts will be about (a) fast food chains and restaurants and (b) other stuffs like SM Cinema, Cyberzone, SM Department Store, etc.

What do you think? :)

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  1. WOW...it looks so huge and great places to shop!!