Winner of my First Mensiversary Giveaway--FINALLY!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for the (super) late announcement of the winner of my first blog giveaway contest. Will save you from all the ramblings and just go ahead with the announcement.

Congratulations to Marianne Benavidez for winning a pair of Fickle Wedges Posh Set from Go Fickle Manila!

AND! Just to make-up for the late announcement, each of the succeeding four contestants (numbers 2-5) wins a 25% DISCOUNT when you purchase a pair of Fickle Wedges Posh Set! So those are: Michelle Hill, Gia Santos, Aida Villanueva, and Shermaine Capuli! :)

Lastly, as consolation prizes, the remaining contestants will have a 10% DISCOUNT on Fickle Wedges Posh Set! :)

Claiming of prizes is UNTIL May 21 (Saturday) ONLY! :)  I would like to thank all of you who supported and joined my first blog giveaway contest! :)

P.S. Follow me on Twitter! @pauldapper :)


  1. san ba store nyo..?

  2. congratulations to the winner!

  3. Yey! I won! :) Ummmmm..... How do I claim it? :) Thanks again!

  4. sayang.. I wasn't able to make it until the 5th for the 25% discount.. hehehehe.. ^^

  5. hi.. san po store nyo...i want to have a new pair of wedge,,please respond po _lenilynsanchez__