One Down, NEXT!

One of the best days so far. It's 10pm, and I just got home from the SRG Grand Day. It was really really fun! It was extremely tiring, but it was worth it! Our students will be taking the local nursing board examination this weekend, and this mini-concert/show is definitely for them. :) I'm honestly sooooo sleepy right now, so I'll just be blogging more about this wonderful event on the following days. Anyway, you may be wondering why "One Down, NEXT!" is the title of this post. Well, I've recently used up all the glutathione from the first bottle that I bought from Power and Beauty, and I just got my second bottle today! Yay! :)


One Step at a Time

Seeing this photo made me realize the obvious: three years have already passed since my college graduation. And I decided to look at where I am right now. If I'm currently where I thought I would be when I was in college. If I'm actually heading to where I ultimately want to be in the future. I decided to evaluate if those three years, that time period made absolute sense.


Browns and Silvers

Today was a very busy (and tiring!) day for me. We attended the mass and The Feast at the PICC Plenary Hall this morning, had lunch (and did some outfit shots) at the Araneta Center, then went vintage store hopping--well, we just visited two--in Katipunan and Marikina. Bought some really great finds! Will show them to you on another post. ;)


Rainy Day Sunday

This whole week has been all rain, rain, rain. Hope all of you are safe (and dry. Haha!). Anyway, here's what I wore last Sunday when we attended The Feast by Bo Sanchez.


Grayscale Biker

I saw this biker-ish jacket from People are People almost two years ago, and instantly fell in love with it. However, I wasn't able to buy it that day, and it was Christmas season then, so I just had it as my wish on my former office's Gift Exchange (no, not the White Elephant one.). :)


Father's Day at Cafe Lidia

It was Father's Day last Sunday, but we celebrated it on Monday since it was a non-working holiday and my sisters didn't have classes. We had some late afternoon snack (more like early dinner) at this local restaurant here in Marikina called Cafe Lidia. The food was extremely good! I ordered their Mixed Seafood Marinara, and boy was I in love! Lol :)


Sole Service

September of last year, I forced asked my classmates at Graduate School to go with me to the Megatent because I wanted to buy shoes from this online brand called Sole Service. Upon seeing their booth, I tried the boat shoes in navy right away. Perfect fit. Super comfy. Nice.


MEMO PFWH 2011 Show: What I Wore

In two recent posts, I talked to you about the show for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 of one of my favorite brands, MEMO. Since MEMO has been one of my go-to brands every time I need something for an event (or when I just feel like shopping), I practically freaked out (seriously) due to excitement when I found out that they're giving away invites for their show! :)

Go Fickle Manila Inventory Sale

Go Fickle Manila will be having its inventory sale starting tomorrow until Friday (June 22-25). All items discounted! 50% OFF! Great eh? :)


New Look at Lookbook

Hey guys! Was busy for the last couple days so I wasn't able to blog. Boo! Haha! :) Anyway, this post is about my Lookbook looks. I've already joined the site last April, but it was a couple weeks ago when I uploaded my first look. And tonight, I uploaded another one. :)


MEMO Urban Chronicles

“These streets will make you feel brand new; big lights will inspire you…”

The MEMO Urban Chronicles show for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last month was entirely about the ultimate dream city--New York. From the design to the song selection to the videos shown during the show, the coherence of MEMO's show did not fail to make the audience experience The City that Never Sleeps that night.


Photography Attempt: Advanced Christmas Bazaar 2010

I was browsing through my files on my laptop when I came across these photos. These were taken last November at the World Trade Center during a bazaar. Of course, I was the one who took the photos--my camera was new then, and you know how it is--we love using things when they are new. Haha! :) Anyhooo, I just thought I'd show you these pictures. :)


Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: MEMO

This post may be way too late, but I would like to show you the photos my sister and I took (albeit blurred and somewhat not good) during MEMO's Holiday 2011 show for the Philippine Fashion Week last May 11. (Yes, we managed to get third row seats! Haha!)


Celebrating Independence Day with Friends

I recently talked to you about how my friends and I spent this year's Independence Day on my latest outfit post. Since it was a Sunday, we went to hear the mass at the PICC Plenary Hall then listened to Bo Sanchez' The Feast. Kenneth was the one taking this photo. What happened to you, Lenny?! Lol :)


New Purchases: Anchors and Crosses

I love online shopping. I really do. But one thing I hate about it is that there are VERY few online stores selling stuff for men. Still, I've to be thankful that some of them offer unisex products (e.g. shoes, accessories, and bags), so don't worry. I won't be whining the entire post. Haha!


Independence Day Outfit

Happy Independence Day to all my Filipino readers! :) Today is a Sunday, so I attended the mass with my high school (and closest!) friends Kenneth, Lenny, and Lyca. We heard the mass at the PICC Plenary Hall where my college graduation was held three years ago. Brings back memories. :)


ISABELI Chain Wraps

Accessories are the ones that spice up our every outfit. And one trend right now are chain accessories. ExtremeFinds started it (I think), and then other local accessories brands came up with their innovated designs. One of these brands is Crystals and Stones Philippines. They have been around for quite some time now--they started operations on September 2010. But, as the name obviously states, their first collections were basically made of semi-precious stones and crystals. In October 2010, they released a vintage collection, It's Vintage Baby!, their first collection not made of crystals and/or stones. Just this week, they launched their newest collection, Isabeli Chain Wraps, which follows the current accessories trend. But with a TWIST: these chain wraps are convertible. One can use it as a necklace, bracelet, choker, forehead band, and hair band.



I finally caved! I am feeling a bit adventurous/courageous today, so I decided to have my very first (of many, definitely) outfit post here on my blog. :) This outfit was what I wore to the Penshoppe show on the Philippine Fashion Week last May 17. I opted for a casual look since this was the last day of the PFWH 2011, and the show that I would watch was of a retail brand.


May Favorites

Hey guys! This is, yet again, another ''monthly favorites'' post. I'm not complaining; I actually think it's a great idea to post this kind of stuff every month--it's like a monthly journal. Well, enough blabbing. Let's move on to my May Favorites.


Summer Solstice Bazaar 2011

I recently talked to you about the second installment of the Summer Solstice Bazaar. This afternoon, I went there with my best friend Kenneth to (1) see the Tommy shoes of Shoeology Men, (2) visit my friend Kat who owns Impulse Co. (Desperate 4 Bags, etc.), and (3) take photos of the stores for this blog post and some outfit photos (which, HOPEFULLY, I'd have the courage to post here).


Crocs Mega Sale 2011

I love SALES. Who doesn't love SALES anyway? Haha. One thing that'll surely make us really excited this season is the much-awaited Crocs Mega Sale. Yay! :)