Browns and Silvers

Today was a very busy (and tiring!) day for me. We attended the mass and The Feast at the PICC Plenary Hall this morning, had lunch (and did some outfit shots) at the Araneta Center, then went vintage store hopping--well, we just visited two--in Katipunan and Marikina. Bought some really great finds! Will show them to you on another post. ;)

My eyes are extremely heavy right now (I'm soooo sleepy!), but I'm excited to show you my newly-bought silver horn ring from Mumbakki, which is a local accessories store in the malls here. It looks like a rhinoceros horn, and I love wearing it! So here's a photo of me wearing it--one of my favorite shots from today's shoot. :)

The title of this post is, obviously, pertaining to the color of my sweater and wrap bracelet (brown) and my ring (silver). :)