Crocs Mega Sale 2011

I love SALES. Who doesn't love SALES anyway? Haha. One thing that'll surely make us really excited this season is the much-awaited Crocs Mega Sale. Yay! :)

Crocs, as we all know, is an international footwear brand that offers SUPER comfy sandals, slippers, and shoes. And since their products are, frankly, a bit expensive, this Mega Sale is absolutely a very good chance for us to buy the much-coveted pairs at a discounted price. And when I say discounts, I mean HUGE discounts. Up to 90% off! I thought buying Crocs or whatever brand of shoes in 10 percent of its original price happens only in a Shopaholic's parallel universe. Well, seems like this is happening in the actual world. Haha!

So, as what I always say, mark your calendars, save all those money, and head to the NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio, Global City on Thursday to Sunday, June 9 to 12, 10am to 8pm! See you there! :)


  1. I'm excited! =)

  2. ive checked out some blogs regarding the previous sale launched by crocs last year at megatent and i was worried about the negative feedbacks about the poor management as there were lots of people who wasn't allowed to enter anymore..

    do you think it will happen again this coming sale?..

  3. Hi!

    I also read about these negative feedbacks. I personally think that the reason why there were lots of people who weren't allowed entry anymore was the fact that there were too many people inside already. So I advise that when you are planning to go to sales like this, you should go there early (sometimes, other buyers arrive at the location an hour or so earlier) so that you can go inside once the tent opens. Another blogger suggests that you should have someone, perhaps a relative or a friend or your help, fall in line at the cashier while you choose your shoes. You'll be saving more time. :)

    Hope that helped! :)