Go Fickle Manila Inventory Sale

Go Fickle Manila will be having its inventory sale starting tomorrow until Friday (June 22-25). All items discounted! 50% OFF! Great eh? :)

This inventory sale will be done in order for Go Fickle Manila to "dispose of" the products included in its previous collections. This will, in turn, give way to the new designs/collections that Go Fickle Manila is currently cooking up. Excited? I AM! :)

Needless to say, most (if not ALL) previous designs will be PHASED-OUT after this sale. So if you've been eyeing the fun and chic Fickle Flats/Wedges, the uber trendy Fickle bags, or the extremely sexy Fickle swimwear by ESCAPE for months now, submit an order form before stocks run out!

Visit their Facebook fan page to order. :)

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