ISABELI Chain Wraps

Accessories are the ones that spice up our every outfit. And one trend right now are chain accessories. ExtremeFinds started it (I think), and then other local accessories brands came up with their innovated designs. One of these brands is Crystals and Stones Philippines. They have been around for quite some time now--they started operations on September 2010. But, as the name obviously states, their first collections were basically made of semi-precious stones and crystals. In October 2010, they released a vintage collection, It's Vintage Baby!, their first collection not made of crystals and/or stones. Just this week, they launched their newest collection, Isabeli Chain Wraps, which follows the current accessories trend. But with a TWIST: these chain wraps are convertible. One can use it as a necklace, bracelet, choker, forehead band, and hair band.

Brands that previously launched their very own chain accessories just settled with plain colors and gold chains. Crystals and Stones Philippines, however, wanted to be different so they pushed the limits and used printed fabrics and silver and black chains (aside from the gold ones). Great, eh?

To check out their other products and/or order, you can visit their Facebook fan page. :)

Photos courtesy of Crystals and Stones Philippines.


  1. I love the chain wrap, they're stunning! Good idea here plus the fact the animal prints are must haves. Nice post. :)