May Favorites

Hey guys! This is, yet again, another ''monthly favorites'' post. I'm not complaining; I actually think it's a great idea to post this kind of stuff every month--it's like a monthly journal. Well, enough blabbing. Let's move on to my May Favorites.

First off is the sublingual glutathione that I talked to you about just last week. Honestly, I'm really thankful that I found this. Super effective! :)

Second, my studded wrap bracelets from Impulse Co.! I have two--one in brown and another in black. Actually, I own the brown one only. The 2-in-1 black bracelet set is my sister's, but I love wearing them too. Haha!

Third, my cobra connector ring. I said this before, and I am saying this again--it's definitely a conversation starter. I get lotsa compliments!

So, those are my favorites for the month of May 2011. What can you say about them? :)

Photo of the black 2-in-1 bracelet set courtesy of Impulse Co. online shop.


  1. Is that the sublingual spray networkers sell?haha

  2. Hey Raymond! No, this sublingual glutathione comes in tablets. They're US-made, and only Power and Beauty sells them here in the country. :)

  3. Yeah, Mots. One of my favorites. :)