MEMO Urban Chronicles

“These streets will make you feel brand new; big lights will inspire you…”

The MEMO Urban Chronicles show for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last month was entirely about the ultimate dream city--New York. From the design to the song selection to the videos shown during the show, the coherence of MEMO's show did not fail to make the audience experience The City that Never Sleeps that night.

The music selection was, in my opinion, really clever, as famous songs like Empire State of Mind and Use Somebody were used. Personally, I think it worked because the audience was able to relate to (and sing along with) the background music while being visually impressed by the designs of MEMO's holiday collection.

The designs were to die for. I am a sucker for tailored pieces and corporate outfits, that's why I've been a loyal MEMO customer since I started working three years ago. I loved their clothes right away! Also, I prefer to have my essential wardrobe pieces in neutral colors like black, gray, white, and khaki, and then throwing in some color for that extra ''oomph''. MEMO did that in this collection, making me all the more impressed.

The first set had that corporate feel to it--coats and tailored pieces in khaki and black.

Charo Ronquillo! I was starstruck! :)

The second set used earth colors--olive greens, burnt siennas, khakis. And for the final piece, a khaki dress with yellow sleeves and blue details at the back was shown.

My favorite among the set. :)

The last piece of the second set became sort of a connector between the second and the third set (refer to the last two photos above), because on the third set, the show "went blue".

I think this black vest/jacket worn by Charo served as the "connector" between the third and fourth set.

The color palette of the fourth set was black and white.

And the fifth and final set played with different shades of gray, black and brown.

I applaud MEMO for giving us such a great show. I was really impressed by the coherence of the show. Bravo Memo! :)

I am definitely going to watch out for these pieces come holiday season. I'm gonna start preparing my wardrobe (and my wallet! Haha!) :)

“If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere...”

Photos courtesy of MEMO Facebook fan page.


  1. These looks are all so chic, trendy and just so beautiful. Love it

    <3 Marina

  2. Wow, such an impressive collection! The clothes are all wearable and chic! xoxoxoo

  3. Hey there! The clothes really are chic and super wearable! That's what I love about them. MEMO has been one of my go-to brands every time I go shopping! :)