New Look at Lookbook

Hey guys! Was busy for the last couple days so I wasn't able to blog. Boo! Haha! :) Anyway, this post is about my Lookbook looks. I've already joined the site last April, but it was a couple weeks ago when I uploaded my first look. And tonight, I uploaded another one. :)

You may be wondering why I blogged about this. It's just that I don't know how Lookbook actually works! Poor me! Haha! Of course, I know that people will "like" your look by Hype-ing, but what I don't know is how will other Lookbook users see your looks? I've read somewhere that you can "adverstise" your own page. But how do you do that?

Sorry for the question-heavy post. I'm just really in the dark on this one. Hope you guys can help me! :)