New Purchases: Anchors and Crosses

I love online shopping. I really do. But one thing I hate about it is that there are VERY few online stores selling stuff for men. Still, I've to be thankful that some of them offer unisex products (e.g. shoes, accessories, and bags), so don't worry. I won't be whining the entire post. Haha!

Anyway, I was browsing through Facebook and I saw this really cute necklace from Shop Incez Axe! I noticed that the chains and pendants used were black, so I knew right then that this lovely piece is definitely unisex. And it is! I am imagining lots of different outfits wherein I could wear this cute little thing already! :)

Also, I am an avid follower/reader of Lissa Kahayon's blog Scene Stealer. Love her! :) So I was able to see her blog post on her most recent modelling stint for Sachico Shop where she modelled rings. And such cute rings they are! What caught my eyes were the anchor-shaped rings in blue and red. Perfect for those nautical-inspired outfits that are very much trendy these days. :)

My sister was the one who bought the Twitter bird ring, but I included it here in the photos since it's real cute as well! :)


  1. Thank you <3 Glad you like the rings!

  2. Princess and Annelle: No problem! I really loved my new accessories. :)

  3. They're really cute, David! :)

  4. True that, Jayresa! You can order through their Facebook profiles. :)