One Down, NEXT!

One of the best days so far. It's 10pm, and I just got home from the SRG Grand Day. It was really really fun! It was extremely tiring, but it was worth it! Our students will be taking the local nursing board examination this weekend, and this mini-concert/show is definitely for them. :) I'm honestly sooooo sleepy right now, so I'll just be blogging more about this wonderful event on the following days. Anyway, you may be wondering why "One Down, NEXT!" is the title of this post. Well, I've recently used up all the glutathione from the first bottle that I bought from Power and Beauty, and I just got my second bottle today! Yay! :)

Needless to say, this sublingual glutathione is really effective! Results will be seen within a week. Seriously! :)

For inquiries, you can go to their Facebook fan page.

Special thanks to Mikki Tenazas and Sir Edmond Sultan! :)

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