One Step at a Time

Seeing this photo made me realize the obvious: three years have already passed since my college graduation. And I decided to look at where I am right now. If I'm currently where I thought I would be when I was in college. If I'm actually heading to where I ultimately want to be in the future. I decided to evaluate if those three years, that time period made absolute sense.

It did. That time period may have not been what I previously expected it to be, but I think it helped me become a better person. It honed me to be this person who is very much eager to succeed in life.

I've always wanted to succeed. Who wouldn't, anyway? And, right now, I can definitely see myself as ''undersuccessful''. I know I need to work harder to achieve everything that I want (and need) in life. But what really makes a person successful? Having lots of money? Being popular? Being able to help the needy? Personally, I agree with Heidi Klum when she said that success is to be happy in life. She's right. Whatever it is that you've accomplished, as long as you're happy, you can consider yourself successful. As for me, I may be really happy where I am now, but I'm not 100% happy yet, not holistically happy yet. (Well, I guess ''holistically happy'' happens only when you reach self-actualization, eh? So, scratch that.) Right now, I can say that I'm not completely happy, so I think that I'm not successful YET. But don't get me wrong! I really enjoy and am very much thankful for every single thing that's happening in my life right now. For every opportunity that presents itself. For every person I have.

Three years after college, all my goals and plans for my future have completely changed. Major revision, in thesis defense language. And honestly, this path that I now want to take, though I am really passionate about this, seems a bit more difficult. But I'm not backing off. Definitely not. I know I'll get there someday--I will achieve my goals and reach my dreams. I just have to take one step at a time. :)


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