Sole Service

September of last year, I forced asked my classmates at Graduate School to go with me to the Megatent because I wanted to buy shoes from this online brand called Sole Service. Upon seeing their booth, I tried the boat shoes in navy right away. Perfect fit. Super comfy. Nice.

Sole Service Boat Shoes in Navy

I also tried their Burlap Espadrilles in Black (pictured below). Perfect fit. Super comfy. Really nice.

I was honestly torn between the two. So, I decided to just buy both. (Impulsive, I know. But, hey, one can NEVER have too many shoes, right?) Until now, almost a year after, those two pairs are still here on my shoe rack, still giving my every outfit extra class. :)

In the virtual world where there are millions of online shops, whether in Facebook, Multiply, or Ebay, a certain brand may have a real difficult time to set itself apart from the (SUPER) vast pool of struggling brands. Sole Service Manila rose above the rest and went utterly famous in just one year. With their great marketing strategies, not to mention their uber stylish yet really affordable (and durable) shoes, Sole Service Manila has become a well-known brand in the country.

To order have your Sole Serviced, you can visit their newly-launched website. Shopping made easy indeed! :)

Photos courtesy of Sole Service Facebook fan page.

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