Summer Solstice Bazaar 2011

I recently talked to you about the second installment of the Summer Solstice Bazaar. This afternoon, I went there with my best friend Kenneth to (1) see the Tommy shoes of Shoeology Men, (2) visit my friend Kat who owns Impulse Co. (Desperate 4 Bags, etc.), and (3) take photos of the stores for this blog post and some outfit photos (which, HOPEFULLY, I'd have the courage to post here).

Anyway, here are the photos that I've taken. I didn't bother to take really artistic/creative shots since I would just be posting them here for you to see how the stores/stalls ACTUALLY look. :)

Accessories from ExtremeFinds.

 I wasn't able to buy the Tommy shoes since the smallest size available was too big for me. I will be buying from them online instead! :)

What I bought were chain accessories thingies (same as the French-braid necklaces from ExtremeFinds) but these ones can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, and headbands. I bought two for my sisters. :)

Lastly, I went CRAZY with the docksides from FROU Flats. Sadly, the red one wasn't available at the bazaar a while ago, but I am definitely DEFINITELY buying those online! Just thinking about it makes me feel super excited! Haha! :)

So that's it! You still have one day to visit this year's Summer Solstice Bazaar at the Megatent tomorrow, 10am to 10pm! Oh, and I advise that you bring CASH since the nearest ATM machine is outside the Megatent premises. Have fun shopping! :)


  1. nice of you to buy your sister accessories :)

  2. Thanks, Raymond! They've actually been eyeing these accessories for some time now. :)

  3. The girls would be happy to see this.

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