Cafe Lidia

Last month, I talked to you about how we celebrated this year's Father's Day at Cafe Lidia. Cafe Lidia is a local restaurant here in Marikina. Actually, you can find A LOT of restaurants/cafes here in our city, all of which offer a wide variety of great tasting food. Whew, I just finished eating dinner and I'm getting hungry again! Lol


Tag: 17 Questions

I've been a huge fan of Ingrid (Missglamorazzi and TheGridMonster on Youtube) for a while now. I know that the videos on her beauty channel are all about make-up and stuff, but I really like watching her. She's really cute! :) I particularly love her vlog channel TheGridMonster because it is where she posts videos about her personal life and any other random stuff about her. My favorite videos from her vlog are the "Tag" ones, wherein she answers a certain set of questions, then tags her viewers to do the same. And so, since I don't have a Youtube account, I would answer THE questions here on my blog. Here goes...


SRG Grand Day: What I Wore

This is what I wore to the grand day of the Sultan Review Group, the review center where I work. They practically have been my family because I've been working there since the year I graduated from college.


Comfy Espadrilles

Hey guys! On my last posts, I talked to you about the shoot that we had last July 10 for our shop The Shoe Anatomy's SuperSale Bazaar ad campaign. We also did some product shots for our latest collection: Comfy Espadrilles.


SuperSale Shoot: What I Wore

I know, I know. I'm absolutely unbelievable! I haven't blogged for 9 days! These recent two weeks have been making me extremely busy, that's why. Well, enough blabbing, I'm here again. And this time, HOPEFULLY I get to blog on a daily basis again. Here's hoping! :)


SuperSale Shoot

Last Sunday, my friends/business partners had a shoot for our shoe brand The Shoe Anatomy's SuperSale bazaar ad campaign. It was a looooong and tiring day. But 'twas worth it, definitely worth it.


It all ends. 7/14

I practically grew up with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. I was on my first year in high school (8th grade) when I watched the first Harry Potter film. That was the day I was introduced to the Magical World. It was then that I learned that I, actually, am a Muggle. It was also then that I started to be fascinated with the wizarding world. Well, until college, heck until now, I am still fascinated by it. Anyhooo, the epic film series is destined to end on July 15 (July 14 here in the Philippines), and I'm definitely going to watch it on IMAX. It's definitely on my "To Watch on IMAX" list. Here's the latest trailer which was released two weeks ago. (I can't believe it'll be showing in a week!) I honestly felt nostalgic after watching this trailer. *sigh*


Arte Manila

Hand-made clay accessories have been such a huge trend right now. And, quite honestly, I think that these cute little things are here to stay. I previously talked to you about Klay Girl. Right now, let me introduce you to Arte Manila--one of the newest and classiest clay accessories store here in the country.


June Favorites

June flew by really fast! It was a busy month for me, and I'm definitely not complaining! :) Another month has passed, and that only means one thing: another Monthly Favorites post!


Errands day today!

I'm absolutely determined to start the second half of the year right! So, I would be writing two posts today. (This is actually my second one for today.) I'm gonna try my best to post at least everyday. :) Anyway! As what I said this afternoon, it's errands day today. I went to Marikina to meet up with a friend then headed to my bag maker to check on the production of my new designs, which, hopefully, would be launched tomorrow night. I am also planning to revive my menswear line, and am planning to have bags as my first (comeback) collection. :)

July, please be good to me!

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. Time flies by really fast! Well, I can honestly say that the first half of year 2011 went really well for me, bordering on great, actually! Pwera usog! :) So, for my first blog entry this month, I'm saying this again: JULY, PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME! :)