Arte Manila

Hand-made clay accessories have been such a huge trend right now. And, quite honestly, I think that these cute little things are here to stay. I previously talked to you about Klay Girl. Right now, let me introduce you to Arte Manila--one of the newest and classiest clay accessories store here in the country.

Here are some of their online ads. I love how they mix cute and classy on each of these ads. :)

One thing I love about Arte Manila is that they also cater to the male market--a first on clay accessories. Gotta love this Batman ring!

The packaging. So classy.

Arte Manila celfone charms. I personally like the Deadpool and Venom ones. The Pokemon charms are cute as well. :)

You can visit their Facebook fan page to see more of their designs and/or to order. :)


  1. wow that's the first time i've heard of this trend. cool : )

  2. Hey there! Clay accessories are very in demand right now. :)