Cafe Lidia

Last month, I talked to you about how we celebrated this year's Father's Day at Cafe Lidia. Cafe Lidia is a local restaurant here in Marikina. Actually, you can find A LOT of restaurants/cafes here in our city, all of which offer a wide variety of great tasting food. Whew, I just finished eating dinner and I'm getting hungry again! Lol

Cafe Lidia offers delicious food, mostly pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches. They also have rice meals, though I haven't tried them yet. My favorites are their seafood marinara and clubhouse sandwich! :)

If you want eating delicious (and affordable) food in a place with a very relaxing ambiance, Cafe Lidia is the place to go! :)


  1. you should've tried the penne ala amatriciana too, the sauce was so thick and the dish, tasty.:)

    -- goddess f

  2. Alright, Goddess F! Will try that next time. :)