July, please be good to me!

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. Time flies by really fast! Well, I can honestly say that the first half of year 2011 went really well for me, bordering on great, actually! Pwera usog! :) So, for my first blog entry this month, I'm saying this again: JULY, PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME! :)

Today is errands day, but I'll be talking about it on another post. I just wanna show you my newest baby: this really nice tote bag from MEMO. I used this yesterday at the SRG Grand Day, and I decided to use it again today because I really love it! And I think it went well with my outfit today. It's really spacious as well so I can put my SLR inside without the bag looking too bulky. That's actually why I love using totes--I always carry lots of things with me. :)

How's your 2011 so far?

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  1. Nice bag! 2011 has been great for me. I love your blog! :)