June Favorites

June flew by really fast! It was a busy month for me, and I'm definitely not complaining! :) Another month has passed, and that only means one thing: another Monthly Favorites post!

First favorite is the Lacoste Essential aftershave. I actually have this for quite some time, and I was checking out my grooming stuff here in my room, found it, and decided to use it. You definitely don't know yet, but my perfume has been Lacoste Essential (the green one) for years already. Actually, I think it kinda became my signature scent. I always get comments (compliments?) that whenever they smell this somewhere, they always remember me. I'm honestly flattered to be associated with such great scent! :) Anyway, you may be wondering what an aftershave does. Aftershaves are not really a necessity in men's grooming, but they help clean your face after shaving thus preventing possible infection and, yikes!, breakouts. Also, it has the same scent as my perfume, so I love it even more!

Next is my newly-purchased rhinoceros horn ring from Mumbakki, which is a small time accessories store here. I love wearing it! It may be really chunky and attention-grabbing, but I think that's what it was made for--to grab attention. And, since it's silver, it goes well with almost any outfit.

Lastly, the Whitening Toner from Flawless. It does wonders to one's skin, enough said.

So, those are my random favorites from last month! Have you tried/owned any of them? Thoughts? :)

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