SuperSale Shoot

Last Sunday, my friends/business partners had a shoot for our shoe brand The Shoe Anatomy's SuperSale bazaar ad campaign. It was a looooong and tiring day. But 'twas worth it, definitely worth it.

I solely owned The Shoe Anatomy from its birth, which was October 2010, until recently when my closest friends (since highschool!) decided to invest on my shoe brand. And so we became business partners as well. It was, IMHO, a great decision for all of us because we get to spend a lot more time together now. :)

More on SuperSale bazaar AND our first collection on other blog posts. Sorry for the five-day hiatus, I got real busy with work. I need to catch up some sleep--I've been deprived of it for days now, and I'm starting to feel like a zombie. LOL :)

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  1. nice pic! i like the yellow shoes (and the purple shiny ones on the facebook page) :)