Out with the old, in with the new!

August is already packing its bags, ready to leave in a few hours. You've been so nice to me, August. I've been really busy, but I'm not complaining here. You've given me soooo many things to work on that I've rarely blogged while you were around. But then, everything has been really great, so, yeah, it's been a pleasure, August! See you again next year! :) September, on the other hand, is already at our doorsteps, waiting for the next few hours to pass before knocking on our front doors, ready to enter our lives. September, I'm always saying this to every month and I'll make no exception, please be good to me. :)


SuperSale Bazaar 2011: Day 1

Last month, my friends and I joined the SuperSale bazaar at the Rockwell Tent. It was my first week at work (yes, I've a new job), so I wasn't able to man our booth on the first day of the bazaar, Friday. I just went straight to the Rockwell Tent right after work. I stayed in our booth for a few minutes, then took off to see the other booths. Sadly, there weren't too many stores that sold stuff for guys, so I wasn't able to buy anything. But it's fine. Whatever. After that, we had dinner at Dulcinea in the nearby Powerplant Mall.


ANTM All-Stars: First Promotional Photos

The much-anticipated ANTM All-Stars, which features finalists (not winners) from previous cycles, is set to premiere this fall. To amp up the excitement (and to attract more future viewers), people behind the reality show we all love released the first batch of promotional photos of the very first ANTM All-Stars.


Your last chance to own a pair of Fickle Wedges

Go Fickle Manila is currently having a Phasing-out Sale for their Fickle Wedges. Needless to say, these cute wedges will be gone after the sale (or after stocks run out!).


Curiosity Got The Chef Press Launch: Preview

Earlier today, I went to the Diamond Hotel Manila with my best friend Kenneth to attend the press launch of Lifestyle Network's newest show on their food block, Curiosity Got The Chef. This cooking show features our very own Chef Sharwin Tee.