Out with the old, in with the new!

August is already packing its bags, ready to leave in a few hours. You've been so nice to me, August. I've been really busy, but I'm not complaining here. You've given me soooo many things to work on that I've rarely blogged while you were around. But then, everything has been really great, so, yeah, it's been a pleasure, August! See you again next year! :) September, on the other hand, is already at our doorsteps, waiting for the next few hours to pass before knocking on our front doors, ready to enter our lives. September, I'm always saying this to every month and I'll make no exception, please be good to me. :)

Time flies by really fast! The BER months are finally here! And with these months come lot of nice things:
(1) the holiday season,
(2) cool weather (literally and figuratively),
(3) more money (because of the incoming holiday season),
(4) my birthday (Yay!), and
(5) the much-awaited chance to finally wear fun jackets and layer our clothes (because of the cool weather).

Well, I know you already noticed the change in my blog layout. I've been loving the color green quite a lot lately so when my friends and I went to Pangasinan (to have our annual Our Lady of Manaoag Church visit) and had lunch at my friend Taptap's rest house (more pictures on another post), I grabbed the chance to have myself photographed on a green background--the crops. What do you say about the new layout? :)


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