On my blog hiatus

August (which many of my friends fondly call Oh-Ghost) has been a super busy month for me, as manifested by my almost-complete lack of blog entries that month. Still, I would NEVER complain about being busy. It's always better to do so many things than to do absolutely nothing. Being busy should never be viewed as a problem; rather, it should be perceived as a shower of blessings.

However, my lack of time (or lack of time management, thereof) to blog regularly last month (and the first 20 days of this month) didn't stop me from checking my blog for comments and/or stats from time to time. And I'm honestly happy and thankful that there are still those of you who still visit and comment on my blog even with the absence of new posts. Makes me smile everytime. Starting today, I'm hoping to be able to blog on a daily basis. Here's hoping! :)

As what I've already said on my previous post, September has finally arrived and with it comes the countdown to Christmas (and Year 2012). I noticed a sudden change to every single person around me. When September chimed in, people started to become more cheerful and somewhat excited for the holidays.

Maybe it's because of the thought of having more money to spend for your self and your family during the holidays. Christmas is, after all, the season of giving.

Or maybe it's the thought of Christmas breaks, both from school and from work, that keeps everyone's spirit at a high.

Or maybe it's the thought of good food that comes with celebrations. We Filipinos are well-known to splurge on our handa especially during holiday season.

 Or maybe it's the thought of sweet holiday moments spent with your loved ones, moments wherein you just curl up by the window drinking hot chocolate while looking outside as the rain continuously falls down the lawn.

Photos taken during the Curiosity Got the Chef press launch.

MEMO GRAY PANTS (not seen)

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