New month, new domain

Hello October! I can't believe you're here already. We are now down to the last three months of the year--time really runs fast! Well, as many of you have probably noticed, I already changed my domain name (from meesterdapper.blogspot.com to pauldapper.com). I kinda realized I need my name on my blog's domain, hence the change. Anywho, for those of you who are wondering, meesterdapper.blogspot.com will still direct you to this blog. So no worries. You can leave the links on your blog (the ones that direct to mine) as they are. :)

September has been a roller coaster ride for me. Of course there were happy and (a bit) disappointing moments but I wouldn't live it any other way. :) There should be no regrets, only lessons learned.

So! Off to a new month, and off to a new (and more promising!) start! :)

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