New in my closet

Hi everyone! Long time, no post. I've been really busy with work--happy busy. :) Speaking of work, since we are required to wear business clothes here at my new job, I need to stock up on dress shirts and ties. And being the rule-breaker that I am, I wanted to divert from the usual boring office attire once in a while, so I decided to buy knit ties. I've been looking for these goodies for months now (even when I was still in my last job) to no avail--until now. Yesterday I was at SM Megamall with my relatives to shop and to watch the first part of Breaking Dawn. We went to Forever 21 and look what I found!!! :)

Nice, eh? Do you know where I can get more of these knit ties? I want to have them in all colors! LOL :)

Anyway, for me Breaking Dawn Part 1 was surprisingly good. I even tweeted last night that it was nicely done. I know it currently holds a 27% "Rotten" rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but I still give it a 4.5/5 stars rating. I read the novel a few years ago, and I feel that they captured the essence of the first part of the book. If they think the story was dragging and boring, blame Stephenie Meyer. :)


  1. Good find. I have quite a few vintage knit ties that I kept from the early eighties, so It is nice to see them coming back in fashion!

  2. great find