Fitness First giveaway winner

Congratulations to Bennett Michelle Estranero for winning a free one-month membership from Fitness First! :)


Merry Christmas!

Just want to greet you guys a happy Christmas! :)

Today was all about spending time with the family: good food, movie with my sisters, and some quality time with our dogs Pipai, Cornelia, and Samantha (the one here in the picture)--things I usually don't have enough time for during work weeks. :)


The morning after

On my last post, I told you about our stay at the Ascott Hotel in Ayala. It was a really nice stay--nice view, nice room, nice service, and nice bath line. I love the herbal body wash. :) Anywho, here's what I wore to work the day after. I kept it simple, decided to lose the tie and dress shirt, because I had to bring this set to work the day before. Just to minimize the hassle of carrying too much stuff.


Night at Ascott

As what I probably have told you last month, I have a new job--different from the one I had last July. This one's in marketing, and I'm really happy with the nature of the job. I get to meet lots of great people. It's like my job is to make friends with top executives from different companies. How cool is that? :)


Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale

As promised, I am now blogging about the next Converse Factory Sale (the first that I blogged about was last September). Apparently, Converse is having two sales this holiday season. One at SM Megamall starting tomorrow until December 18, and another at their Marikina warehouse. The latter already started last December 10, but it will carry on until the 23rd. Perfect for you guys who always fail to beat the holiday shopping rush. :)

Hello Siri!

I have long been wanting to own an iPhone and was actually planning to buy just the iPhone 4 due to the current price of the new 4S. However, when I went to the mall on December 4 to finally buy one (after weighing all the pros and cons of buying an iPhone), I was informed that the iPhone 4 has been phased out already. So I had no choice--I bought myself an iPhone 4S. And I'm definitely NOT complaining! :)


First birthday month giveaway: Fitness First

For a while now, I've been telling you that I've been cooking up some "thingies" for my blog. December is my birthday month, and since I want to celebrate my birthday with you guys, I've decided to give you, my dear readers, some birthday treats (READ: giveaways). And here is the first one!


Then comes December

I am so excited because December is finally here! A lot of reasons to be excited--holiday season is finally here, Christmas bonus at work (lol), and my birthday. :) November was a really busy month for me, which became apparent because of my lack of post. Anyway, I am TRYING to be more responsible at blogging starting this month, and I am so stoked! As what I've told you on Twitter, I am currently working on "blog thingies" for my birthday month--I've actually closed one deal and am still working on others. I will talk to you about this one deal tomorrow. I know you all will be happy about it! :)