Night at Ascott

As what I probably have told you last month, I have a new job--different from the one I had last July. This one's in marketing, and I'm really happy with the nature of the job. I get to meet lots of great people. It's like my job is to make friends with top executives from different companies. How cool is that? :)

I've been here in this company for a little more than a month, and so far, so good. Pwera usog! The tasks are, as what I've just said, fun. The people are great as well. :)

Anyway, I tweeted to you last week that my office mates and I had an overnight stay at the Ascott Hotel courtesy of our lovely department head, Rianna. :) She was scheduled to leave for Israel the week after the overnight (she left this Sunday, December 11), so this served as despedida party/bonding for our department. We miss you, Miss Rianna! :)

I wasn't able to take photos of the hotel since we were so busy chatting the night away (and watching No Other Woman. LOL), but I was able to capture the view of the city from our room. Lovely! :)
All photos are taken via my iPhone.

P.S. You can follow the Ascott Hotel on Twitter. :)


  1. Great view! Ascott looks interesting! :)

  2. Ascott really is a super nice place! I had a really nice stay there. :)