Snake bone bracelet

I've always been afraid of snakes. I always get the hair-at-the-back-of-the-neck-stands feeling every time I see a picture of a snake, much more when I see a real one. BUT! I also love weird accessories. And when we went to Puerto Galera last weekend, I bought this snake vertebrae bracelet. It's REAL snake bones, I tell you. Guess my fear of snakes was overcome by my love for weird bracelets. Haha! Kinda badass noh? :)

I was actually hesitant at first, but a friend told me that it was a great deal since snake bone bracelets in Boracay costs three times the price here in Galera. So I knew right then that I had to get this. :)

What do you think about my new purchase?

P.S. I love how my skin on the pictures show that I was starting to get a tan. :)

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