The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® comes to One Archer’s Place

Taft Avenue just got more exciting as the famed street welcomes the latest addition to its line of dynamic dining and lifestyle establishments —The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Set to open in One Archer’s Place on Fidel Reyes St. near De La Salle University (DLSU), the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® shop will be ready to open its doors to its first customers starting January 30—serving everyone with their full selection of internationally-acclaimed signature blends and gourmet treats and dishes.

“Manila is a good market for us,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “A place that’s right in the center of a burgeoning coffee culture in the country, this new branch will not only compliment the busy lifestyle of people in the area, it will also make it easier for more to enjoy the specialty drinks that our brand is known for.”

The One Archer’s Place store will be located near prominent establishments around DLSU and will cater mostly to students and young professionals working and living in the vicinity. In addition, it will serve as a haven for both cult-like followers of the brands as well as coffee and tea aficionados of all sorts.

In line with its debut, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® branch in One Archer’s Place will be holding a special promotion that will coincide with DLSU’s 100th year celebration. During the promo period that will run from its opening day till February 05, 2012, customers can come to the store from 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon and purchase any of their favorite drinks for only Php 100.


New purchases: WAGW

I love bracelets. I love accessories for the wrists. Watch, bracelets, wrist wraps. I think these little cuties give the extra color and twist on my every outfit. You know how much I wanted to be different, but not to the point of being a scene stealer. No, can't do that. :)


John Varvatos Menswear Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Show: watch it here

The John Varvatos F/W 2012 Menswear Collection. It's a given that I like the color palette. :) I love how the entire show seemed to be like a "stroll in the park". Nice concept. Another collection with tailored suits, oversized jackets, and to-die-for bags and shoes. :)


Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2012 Show: watch it here

Tailored suits. Oversized jackets. The color palette. The bags. The shoes. One of the best this season. Enough said.


Versace Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012 Show: watch it here

Tailored pieces opened this show, so it's a give that I would be a bit biased now. Lol. I love the playful prints they used, especially in the turtlenecks. Also, pocket squares! :) I also like the jackets with huge collars, and how Versace made baggy jackets look tailored. I don't know if it's even possible, but I think they did it. :)


Calvin Klein Menswear Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Show: watch it here

Here's the Calvin Klein Menswear Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Show. I love the bags, especially the fabrics /materials they used. The color palette is great, you know how much I love my neutrals and khakis. The cut, however, is too baggy for my taste.



Comfort food

Have you ever eaten at Mom and Tina's? The food there was so heavenly, I am planning to eat there at least every month. On my next visit, I will take more photos for a full post/review! In the meantime, let me just tell you how I love chocolate cakes and how this lovely slice made my day. :)


Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012 Show: watch it here

One of my favorite brands.
I love the cut, the color palette this season. Another set of style pegs! *wink*
What do you think about the collection? :)


Preview of tomorrow's post

Due to the bipolar weather here in Manila, I am not feeling well at the moment. Sucks, I know. Coughs and colds. I just hate this feeling! Still, today has been great and very productive, so I guess not everything turned out bad, eh? :) Anyway, here is a preview of what I wore to work yesterday. I've been seeing this way of wearing jackets during the previous Fashion Weeks, and I figured I'd give it a try. Full post tomorrow! :)


Year-ender with friends

It feels really great every time you are with people who bring out who you really are. And I feel just like that every time I'm with my high school friends. It's great because even if we have practically different lives right now, we still manage to find time to see each other every so often. And every December, we see to it that we meet each other to celebrate the holidays, however simple, like this one. December 31 is the year-ender. And what greater way to spend the first few hours of the last day of the year than with your closest friends. :)


New bag: black alligator satchel

If you've been following my blog for some time now, you probably know how much I love bags. And here I would like to show you the newest addition to my collection: a 13" black alligator satchel from my personal line.


Purple pocket square pops

Here's what I wore to the annual dinner of the company where I work for. The color theme of the night was purple. It was already obvious that most, if not all, of the guys would wear the usual: purple dress shirt OR purple tie. So I knew what I had to wear. Black suit, white dress shirt, purple pocket square. As expected, I was the only one who wore a pocket square that night. You know how much I want to be different, and I succeeded. :)


In my pocket

My most recent obsession: pocket squares!

Most guys here in the Philippines are not used to wearing pocket squares. And, being the rule-breaker that I am, I became interested with these accessories when I realized that. Gonna do anything just to be different. Haha! I wore this to our company's annual dinner/Christmas party last December 18. More outfit photos and of the event on the next posts.

How's your 2012 going so far? :)


The roller coaster ride that was 2011

2011 was the year I started this blog, after years of debating with myself whether I should or not, whether I could handle all the criticisms, both constructive and just plain negative. And I did. I was able to open Paul Dapper (Meester Dapper then). And to my surprise, a lot of great things happened to me because of this blog.

I was able to attend the Philippine Fashion Week last May, my first time. It was such a fun experience. I was invited to cover the annual Make Your Own Havaianas event. I was requested to feature a lot of fabulous brands here on my blog. Some of those brands, foreign. It all happened in the first few months of my blog, giving me a great amount of happiness you could never imagine. I know these things may be nothing compared to the experiences of more popular bloggers, but these things really matter to me, someone who came from a small city in the East. :)

My businesses did great as well last year. I also started doing collaborations with my friends to further improve and strengthen my businesses. Also at the latter part of last year, another collaboration has been started. This new one is with a close friend and will involve events. Also, I was able to find a new job--a great and fun one. And I'm honestly hoping that this is the "right fit". :)


Here's to 2012!

Happy new year everyone! 2011 was a really great year for me. Done things I never thought I was capable of, things I never thought I had the guts to do. This blog is one of them. :)