Change in Direction (Kind of)

For those of you who have known this blog since its conception two years ago, it is prolly common knowledge that Paul Dapper (Meester Dapper then) was intended to be a fashion blog--to chronicle my every day life and fashion escapades and discoveries. However, things change, and so do preferences. After less than a year of posting OOTD posts, I've come to realize that it might not be something I can do every single day. I admire all fashion bloggers who can document their every day outfits through their blogs--that really needs dedication and a whole lot of effort! :)

I will still post OOTDs from time to time, depending on my mood. However, I am planning to change the direction of this blog just a little.

As you have probably read from a previous post, I started a business that involves beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products last year. And one of the (absolutely awesome) perks of having a beauty sampling business is that I get to try A LOT of grooming, beauty, and lifestyle products. This is where I focus my blog to: men's grooming and lifestyle. I have been browsing through the blogosphere (I have to use that word lol) and I haven't come across a men's grooming blogger. Well, not in the Philippines, at least. So I thought, why not give it a try? I have the things (and man gears) that I'll be needing to survive the new journey anyway!

So there! Expect A LOT of men's grooming, beauty, and lifestyle product reviews on future posts. I am very excited and feel that this will make me closer to this blog than I have ever been!


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