On Blog Hiatus and Anniversaries

Hi everyone! This is embarassing. Last September, I kinda promised you guys that I would be blogging more often. Well, it turns out, I did not. But I'm not making excuses! :)

I started a new business, which started a trend in the beauty industry in the country. And now, after almost six months, I am very happy with how things are. Of course, our achievements today for that business are just a very very very small dent on what we are planning to achieve, but this is the start. We are starting to have more followers on our social media sites, more happy customers (YAY!), and more wonderful brand partners. I personally am so stoked and feel that this is really the start of something huge for my baby (my beauty business). Pwera usog!

Now that things are, in a way, falling into their rightful places, I may have more time updating this blog. I was thinking the other day how I peaked at Top 90-91 on Topblogs.com.ph's Fashion and Beauty category when I started this blog two years ago--that, I think, paved way for me being invited to events like the Make Your Own Havaianas and some Lifestyle Network launches. Now, I'm on the 500+ rank! What the?! Haha! But I'm optimistic that I'd regain my ranking soon! Hahaha :)

It feels exciting that I am about to have an outlet on my feelings, thoughts, and frustrations again, however online and very public. Haha!

Oh, and I almost forgot! This month is the second anniversary month of my blog, and I am definitely giving away A LOT of treats! That's actually why the picture on this post says "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen". And, true, a lot of wonderful things are about to happen. Stay tuned! :)

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