My Picks at Zalora: Shorts and Shoes

Online shopping has finally become popular to Filipinos. And one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the country is Zalora. I honestly am always awestruck every time I talk to a person and find out that he is not familiar with Zalora. I mean, really? Anywho, I have been browsing through Zalora the other night and saw some stuff I loved. Read on for my personal picks (shorts and shoes) this week!

First off, this nice cargo shorts from Grid. I've never owned cargo shorts before (or maybe I have when I was young, but forgot about it) so it would be nice to own one again.

I am also digging this shorts from Mick + Marty. Mick + Marty is new to my ears, and I was Google-ing the brand the other night, but I can't seem to locate it, aside from its Zalora page. I am loving the orangey red color of it, perfect for summer! I also find the gray accents cool. Just fine details, not over-the-top.

As for the shoes, I am loving this pair from World Balance (the color, very nice).

This green suede boat shoes from Tomato is the perfect emerald shade--color of the year--that I'd love to wear. Good luck, come to me! :)

Lastly, this loafers from 24:01 is perfect for errands and for some coffee/tea bonding sessions with friends and family.

I have to hold my hands together so as not to click the Add to Cart buttons of these products. Haha! I have other important expenses (READ: business before personal stuff!), so I guess I have to control the urge at the moment. Haha. But these are now on my Wishlist (Favorites), so I'd definitely be buying when I get my "extra" money (which, hopefully, would be before the month ends).


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