The Dapper Eye (My Version of the GQ Eye)

Hey everyone! Last month, I told you of the little change in the direction of this blog and, finally, let me introduce you to The Dapper Eye, a series of blog posts that will feature my thoughts on the grooming and lifestyle stuff I've used, am currently using, and will be using.

The Dapper Eye is actually my own take on the infamous The GQ Eye and I am really excited to share to you my thoughts on every thing grooming- and lifestyle-related. I've come up with a lot of grooming product reviews already, so expect a whole lot of them on the days (and months--and years!) to come. I know that most grooming stuff do not need the "eye" to review them/test them out, but whatever--I love how The Dapper Eye sounds, and the "Eyes" are used to scrutinize things, so there. :)


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