The Dapper Eye: 100% Pure Forest Hydrating Hand Wash

I've come across this product when the president of one of our brand partners gave me a bottle, and I have used it a number of times since I first tested it last April. What can I say, a business in online beauty retail has its perks! Hehe. An in depth review follows.

100% Pure is an American organic brand, with all of their product offerings 100% pure natural (guess it's obvious where the brand name came from). I first encountered this brand from Birchbox, as one of their brand partners. I'm going to let you in a secret: Birchbox founder Katia Beauchamp has become one of the people I look up to since last year.

To be honest, I've tried this product a few times only. I haven't gotten the courage to use it as it's a very cool product - I'm afraid that the time that I've used up all of the product will arrive. Am I weird? :)

The product info in the website reads: "100% Natural Hand Wash packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and other anti-aging nutrients for soft, hydrated, youthful hands. Sake (Japanese Wine), Coffee Cherry, Fruit Acids, Aloe and Rose Hydrosol repair sun damaged skin while replenishing hydration. Anti-Bacterial Herbs kill germs. Truly 100% Pure - no parabens or other chemical preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no sulfites or any other stripping detergents, no triclosan or any other toxins."

Yay to no parabens!


The packaging. It is neatly packaged in a translucent plastic bottle (so you can make out of the product's color and consistency inside) with a translucent treatment pump that dispenses just the right amount of the product. The label is very simple: a mix of green and black text with a light green background and some photos of maple leaves and pine leaves & cones for the earthy feel - very natural!

The product. Upon pumping the dispenser, FOAM! It just always surprises me every time I use a liquid product that turns into foam once dispensed from the bottle haha! The smell was okay for me. I found it too strong the first time I tried it, but the smell grew on me.

Effects. It's like your common hand wash - lathers just enough and rinses thoroughly. I'm so glad it doesn't have that sticky feel after rinsing, so plus points! (Sorry for the blurred photo :/ )

The Dapper Rating. 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's a nice hand wash. And majority of the stars I gave is due to the fact that it's a 100% organic product! No to chemicals! Haha

Will I buy this? With a price tag of PhP450.00 (approximately US$11) for a huge bottle and an all-natural formula, yes. :)

100% Pure Forest Hydrating Hand Wash is available for purchase online via Canary Cosmetics here in the Philippines and via the 100% Pure website worldwide.  :)



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